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The World Pro 110 (Explorer 110) satellite phone is the smallest, lightest, satellite terminal offering broadband data.

A t less than a 1kg (barely 4 pounds!) and more compact then most laptops the Inmarsat BGAN Explorer 110 Satellite phone for voice and Internet stows easily in your backpack or briefcase. The plug and play interface makes for quick setup and breakdown of your temporary office at the nearest café table top or desert rock.

The Inmarsat BGAN satellite network gives the World Pro coverage around the world between just north and south of the poles. A unique feature for satellite phones utilizing the BGAN network is that they can access and transmit data simultaneously with voice data, making these types of satellite phones very convenient for users.

Expect data transfer speeds with this terminal to max out at 386 kbps which is sufficient for most office applications such as data transfer, email and even concurrently listening to your favorite internet radio station. However on this particular unit data streaming is limited to a guaranteed maximum of 64kbps and consequently, for live video feeds we suggest the Explorer 700 or HNS 9201 (256 kbps streaming).

In addition to a standard Ethernet interface you can also connect to the satellite phone terminal using Bluetooth or an optional (recommended) ISDN handset, with professional grade speaker phone - so you can attend conference calls while you respond to emails.

The Explorer 110 has a weather resistant antenna and when your environment or LZ becomes to hot or cold, the transceiver may be detached from the antenna which remains outside. You then stay warm, dry or simply safe and alive, out of sight so you can continue to work uninterrupted by the elements outside. An Enclosure kit is available for a semi-permanent location or long term project which includes a mounting bracket to keep you organized and equipment off the floor as well as an external housing for added protection.


Size 200 x 150 mm
Standard IP Up to 240/384kbps (send and receive)
Streaming IP 32kbps or 64kbps (send and receive)
Voice Via RJ45 ISDN handset, or Bluetooth handset
Data Interfaces USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet
Ingress protection IP 44


Business Applications

Access Broadband access to corporate networks facilitating access to company and customer information.
Internet Browse the internet at speeds up to 464kbps
Email Send/receive email via web or pc applications
Voice Initiate phone calls via while simultaneously accessing data
Audio/Video Streaming Select guaranteed quality of service up to 128kbps on demand
Transferring Files Send and receive large files
Store/Forward Save and send files

Key Benefits

Ultimate portability

At around half the size of a laptop and weighing less than 1 kg, it is the smallest and lightest terminal in the range.

Simultaneous voice and broadband data

Access your data applications and make a phone call at the same time, via the EXPLORER ISDN handset. The terminal can also be configured and monitored directly from the handset.

Highly flexible

Uniquely designed to split into two separate units so the antenna can be placed outside while you work indoors in comfort, with no requirement for an additional external antenna. The terminal can be connected to a laptop via the USB port, Bluetooth or Ethernet.

Global coverage

Provides service anywhere within the BGAN coverage area.

Easy to use

With the one-patch antenna design, it takes less than a minute to locate a satellite communications signal. The service can be accessed via BGAN LaunchPad on your laptop, an EXPLORER ISDN handset or an on-box user interface with self-explanatory indicators.


Purposely designed to operate in challenging environmental conditions.

Completely secure

Connect seamlessly via your preferred VPN application.


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What's included

  • World Pro 110 Handset
  • USB (1.8m)/Ethernet (2m) cabling
  • AC/DC power supply (110/240 Volts)
  • Power plug
  • Car charger (10-31 Volts)
Handset Highlights
  • Simultaneous voice calling and data transmission 
  • Data transfer up to 384 kbps
  • Seamless global coverage excluding the poles
  • Support for streaming IP at 32, 64 kbps
  • RJ45 standard LAN port
  • Bluetooth and standard RJ!! phone port
  • Detachable antenna
  • Lightweight, weather resistant construction
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